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A quick wrapper over libnotify, a library to show unobstrusive notifications in a Gnome environment.


import notify

var n: Notification = create("Title", "Body of the notification", "dialog-information")
# Optionally set a timeout in milliseconds
n.timeout = 1000

icon values are PNG files found in places like /usr/share/icons/gnome/. Some useful ones are:

dialog-error        avatar-default  user-invisible
dialog-information  computer-fail   user-available
dialog-warning      network-error
task-due            network-idle


You can require it in your_program.nimble file:

requires "nim > 0.19.0", "notify"

Or you can install it with nimble:

nimble install notify


You should have in your system, usually doing something like:

 [ubuntu]$ sudo apt install libnotify
 [fedora]$ sudo dnf install libnotify

What you get

You get a light wrapper and a notify binary to send notifications from the command line::

  $ notify Title "Body of the notification" task-due 2000
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