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A command line utility created by in to allow the creation, modification, and extraction of XISOs. Currently being maintained and modernized by the XboxDev organization.

Notice: 64-bit builds can work but have been known to create faulty images. Until this is fixed, use 32b builds.


  • Create XISOs from a directory.

  • Extract XISO content to a directory.

  • Multi-Platform and Open-Source.


The extract-xiso utility can run in multiple modes: create, list, rewrite, and extract.

Create -c

Create an XISO from a directiory.

# Create halo-2.iso in the current directory containing the files within ./halo-2.iso
./extract-xiso -c ./halo-2

# Create halo-ce.iso in the /home/me/games directory containing files in the ./halo-ce directory
./extract-xiso -c ./halo-ce /home/me/games/halo-ce.iso

List -l

List the file contents within an XISO file.

# Get file contents of a XISO
./extract-xiso -l ./halo-ce.iso

# List file contents of multiple XISOs
./extract-xiso -l ./halo-2.iso ./halo-ce.iso

Rewrite -r

Rewrites filesystem structure of an XISO.

# Rewrites XISO
./extract-xiso -r ./halo-ce.iso
# Can be batched
./extract-xiso -r ./halo-ce.iso ./halo-2.iso

Extract -x

Extract XISO contents to a directory.

# Default mode when no arguments given, extracts to ./halo-ce/
./extract-xiso ./halo-ce.iso

# Can be given a target directory
./extract-xiso ./halo-2.iso -d /home/games/halo-2/


extract-xiso has a few optional arguments that can be provided in different modes:

-d <directory>      In extract mode, expand xiso in <directory>.
                    In rewrite mode, rewrite xiso in <directory>.
-D                  In rewrite mode, delete old xiso after processing.
-h                  Print this help text and exit.
-m                  In create or rewrite mode, disable automatic .xbe
                      media enable patching (not recommended).
-q                  Run quiet (suppress all non-error output).
-Q                  Run silent (suppress all output).
-s                  Skip $SystemUpdate folder.
-v                  Print version information and exit.



  • cmake
  • make
  • gcc

Windows / macOS / Linux

After requirements are installed with your distribution's package manager (or homebrew for macOS), open terminal and change directory to the project root. Then run the following build commands:

# Clone Repo
git clone

# cd into directory
cd extract-xiso

# Create working directory
mkdir build
cd build

# Build project
cmake ..

The compiled binary should now be in the extract-xiso/build directory as extract-xiso.