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OpenSource mechanical feeder design for DIY and OpenPNP community!

This feeder design is for MY machine. Extensive modifications to existing machines may be necessary to accommodate it. Its meant to fit a 20mm aluminum t-slot. I am using t-slots from MakerSlide.

Feel free to edit the source file. You must post edited files for all the use.

OpenFeeder discussion can be found in the OpenPNP google group.

OpenFeeder was made with SketchUp 2013. Each part is on its own labeled layer.

Current source version: OpenFeederRev7.skp


Key Features:

  • Simply made form .250″ acrylic sheet on a laser cutter (3d printable too).
  • Easily accessed and cheap components for the drive system.
  • Easily changed over to different size tapes, 8mm 10mm 12mm etc.
  • Adjustable tape height, from paper resistor tape to tape with electrolytic caps.
  • Designed to work with 20mm T-slot.
  • “Almost” infinite feeding distance. Able to feed tape form .05mm at a time to 12mm at a time.
  • Very smooth feeding, even at a very high speed.
  • Most likely over engineered!

Basic Operation:

  • tapeAdvanceArm is pressed down, tape is advanced. The more the arm is pressed, the more the tape is advanced (vise versa).
  • Tape plastic cover is pulled backward with a small fishing weight.

Advanced Operation:

  • Both the tapeGuide and the exitGuide are adjustable for paper tapes heights and embossed tapes heights. See examples in photos folder.
  • Wider tapes can be used by changing the tapeGuide width and the 8mm brass standoff height.
  • As tapeAdvanceArm is pressed, the one way bearing is locked in rotation, thus turning the tapeSprocket. Once the tapeAdvanceArm is released, the one way bearing un-locks and allows the arm to return to the ready position.

File List:

  • openfeederRev7.skp - Sketchup file of the entire feeder
  • tapeSprocket_FULL.skp - Drive sprocket w/ back spacer
  • tapeSprocket_Backer.skp - Sprocket back spacer ONLY
  • tapeGuide.stl - 3D printable tapeGuide part


Laser Cut Parts:

  • bodyLeft
  • bodyRight
  • exitGuide (two parts)
  • tapePresser
  • tapeAdvanceArm
  • washer

(These parts can be 3D printed)

3D Printed Parts:

  • tapeGuide

(This part can be CNC milled)

Other Parts

  • tapeSprocket

(This part is tricky… should be cut from stainless steel. But can be 3D printed)

Hardware Parts:

  • 626Z-FB (Flange Bearing 6x6x19) - 2pcs
  • EWC0608 (Hex One Way Bearing 6x8x10) - 1pcs
  • 8mm Tall Brass Standoff (M3 Thread) - 3pcs
  • M3 x 8mm Cap Screw - 7pcs
  • M3 x 16mm Cap Screw - 2pcs
  • M3 x 20mm Cap Screw - 1pcs
  • M6 x 30mm Cap Screw - 1pcs
  • M3 Nuts - 2pcs
  • M6 Nuts - 1pcs
  • M6 Washers - 2-6pcs
  • Small Extension Springs or Rubber Bands
  • M5 t-slot nut


  • M3 Tap

  • Metric Allen Key Set

  • Grinder



  • Check photos folder for thread_chart.jpg for threading info.
  • Lubrication is needed to thread acrylic. Simply use a drop of dish soap in some water. DO NOT USE PETROLEUM BASED LUBE!! It will end up cracking the acrylic.

More soon.... check the photos for more info.


This is my very first ever 3D Cad design. So these might be some errors in the source. I am to be held harmless for any problems any errors or omissions may cause. All sources are provided "AS-IS", and without warranty.


OpenSource feeder for DIY and OpenPNP community




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