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A feasibility study on building an EtherCAT slave controller
Objective-C Assembly C Shell
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Stable release:unreleased
Status: idea
Description:Feasibility study for EtherCAT

Key Features

  • Ethercat test-harness to run on XC-2
  • Ethercat slave to run on XC-3
  • Low latency MII Rx and Tx
  • Rudimentary EtherCAT protocol handler
  • Current latency of 800ns, but memory access has not been implemented yet (PHY latency adds 400 ns). Return path latency approximately 640 ns (preamble) + 400 ns (PHY) + 160 ns (processing)

To Do

  • Mailbox protocol
  • Network variable protocol
  • Memory interface.

Firmware Overview

The module and applicatons in this repo are a feasibility study on coding an EtherCAT slave on an XS1 device. The target is either an L2 or a G4, depending on whether fast threads are required (> 100 MIPS requires an L2) and on whether a fast switch is required (the G4 switch is very low latency).

Known Issues

  • app_ethercat_test won't build (and is deprecated)

Required Repositories

  • hw_slicekit_system (XN file)
  • sc_ethernet (SMI module)
  • xcommon (build system)
  • xdoc (documentation)


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