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Common infrastructure for code documentation
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XDoc: common documentation infrastructure

Last Release:unreleased
Status: in development
Maintainer:Dave Lacey (github: davelxmos)

Key Features

  • Adaptation of sphinx documentation system for documenting XC/C projects
  • Incorporation of doxygen comments (using breathe)


This repository does not contain any code. It contains the common Makefile and scripts to build documentation for other repositories.

The documentation basically uses sphinx with the following additions:

  • Themes/writers are provided for html and latex to maintain consistency across repos
  • An adapted version of breathe is provided to link doxygen comments into the documentation
  • Makefiles etc. to link it all together and be able to pull out source/comments from source in different repositories

You can find examples using this repository in:

In each case the doc/ directory has a Makefile which can build with the targets make html or make pdf.

Known Issues



You need the following installed to build the documentation (the versions in brackets are know to work):

You do not need to install breathe since an adapted version is included in this repository. Currently, building documentation has only been done on Linux variants. However, everything used is cross platform.


Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted as at the discretion of the manitainer for this line.

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