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Samuel VERSCHELDE edited this page Apr 30, 2020 · 133 revisions

Welcome to the XCP-ng community wiki!

Looking for the official docs? See

XCP-ng is a high performance enterprise level hypervisor with a rich ecosystem.

It is possible to contribute to the official documentation at (see contribution link at bottom of each page).

On the other hand, the community wiki can be used for user-contributed tips and howtos, which may then be promoted to the official docs. Texts must be your own, or copied from a source with a permissive license (and sourced). If in doubt, ask on the forum or IRC.



To be reviewed and moved to new docs if needed

We are currently in transition between this wiki and the new docs. Here's the list of pages that haven't been moved yet. Their content will either be added to the new docs, or kept on this wiki as community tips and howtos.

In progress

Kept on this wiki

Add here pages that should stay on this wiki rather than going to the new docs.

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