A simple bash script for rotating local kubeconfigs
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Simple kubeconfig switcher

Why do I did this project?

I know there is the cool way of dealing with multiple k8s clusters, by merging the different kube-configs in ~/.kube/config and use kubectl config use-context to switch them. Currently I'm setting up a lot of clusters, with their own kubeconfigs, and I'm getting tired of all that merging.

Actually, life can be simpler just by rotating that configs around. So I spent that 10 minutes of bashing that project to make my (and maybe your) life easier.

How to install?

  • clone that project
  • put it into a folder behind your $PATH, like /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin or what ever you want
  • you are done...it's simple bash, and does not depend on any lib

How to use?

whenever a wild kubeconfig appears, add it with

$ kubeconfig-loader add my-new-cluster /path/to/new/kubeconfig/file

proof you have my-new-cluster available with

$ kubeconfig-loader ls

switch to that cluster by

$ kubeconfig-loader use my-new-cluster

and check it works with

$ kubectl get node

or any other kubectl related command

happy kubing