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ktomsic and bytebuddha Fix tabs in xi term (mostly) (#85)
* Use the insert_tab() and insert_newline() xrl commands

Currently, we require the user to configure their terminal tab width to
four columns wide. One way we can get around this is to expand tabs into
spaces. Xi-core can do this for us -- there's actually a
'translate_tabs_to_spaces' config option, which is enabled by default.
In order for it to work, though, we have to indicate to xi-core when we
receive a tab via the "insert_tab" BufferEvent, so this changeset does

For consistency, we also send "insert_newline" on newlines.

* Mostly fix tab/cursor position issues

If the terminal tab settings don't match our concept of tab locations,
funny things can happen when we try to position the cursor on a line
with tabs.

We can work around this a couple of ways:

(1) We can expand tabs into spaces. Xi-core does this by default for
most file types (Makefiles are a notable exception). Spaces obviously
aren't affected by the terminal tabstop settings, so we avoid the
problem entirely.

(2) Alternatively, we can allow the user to specify the tab size. Rather
than assuming tabs are 4 columns wide, we'll assume that the user's
preferences.xiconfig and terminal settings match up. Views will now
store a tab_size setting from the last ConfigChanged event they
received, and this setting will be used to position the cursor.

Note that we'll still have problems if the terminal and xi-term tab
settings don't agree, but hopefully this will reduce their occurrence
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Build Status

Formerly xi-tui, xi-term is a terminal frontend for xi.

It is experimental and under development, so don't expect anything magical (yet!).


The frontend assumes that you have installed the core editor and is available in your PATH. The following should suffice:

git clone https://github.com/xi-editor/xi-editor
cd xi-editor/rust
cargo install

# if you want syntax highlighting, you need to install the syntect plugin:
cd syntect-plugin
make install

# You need to add ~/.cargo/bin to your PATH
# (this is where `cargo install` places binaries).
# In your .bashrc (or equivalent), add `export PATH=$PATH:~/.cargo/bin`

Then you can clone this repository and run the frontend with cargo run --release -- <your_file>. your_file can be an existing file or any dummy name.


For debugging, it can be useful to have logs. You can specify a location for log files xi-term with -l <logfile>. Two files will be written:

  • <logfile>: all the xi-term logs
  • <logfile>.rpc: the RPC messages exchanged between the core and the frontend


a python file

the README file


For now, there are only two shortcuts:

  • ^w saves the current view
  • ^c exits


xi-term supports a vim-like command prompt for executing commands, accessed via Alt-X.

Currently supported commands:

Short form Long form Description
q quit Quits xi-term
s save Saves the current file
o filename open filename Open filename for editing
b backspace Delete the previous character and move the cursor one position back
d delete Delete the character under the cursor
bn next-buffer Switch to the next buffer
bp prev-buffer Switch to the previous buffer
pd page-down Advance the current view by one page
pu page-up Move the current view back by one page
t theme theme theme-name Set the theme to theme

Future commands:

Short form Long form Description
c close Closes the current view
? string search string Search for string
ml move-left Move the cursor one position left
mr move-right Move the cursor one position right
mu move-up Move the cursor one line up
md move-down Move the cursor one line down
sl select-left Move the cursor one position left and update the current selection accordingly
sr select-right Move the cursor one position right and update the current selection accordingly
su select-up Move the cursor one line up and update the current selection accordingly
sd select-down Move the cursor one line down and update the current selection accordingly


Xi-core supports several user-configurable options through a preferences.xiconfig file. The default location for this is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/xi/preferences.xiconfig, or, if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, it defaults to $HOME/xi/preferences.xiconfig.



We assume at least one of the following is true:

  1. the translate_tabs_to_spaces config option is enabled, or
  2. the tab_size config option matches your terminal tabstop settings.

The xi-core options may be specified in your preferences.xiconfig file. For most filetypes, translate_tabs_to_spaces defaults to 'on' (although it is disabled for Makefiles). The default tab_size is 4.

Note that many terminals default to a tab size of 8. You can change your tab size to 4 with the command:

tabs -4

or update your user config tab_size to 8:


tab_size = 8


If you have the syntect plugin installed, colors will be enabled by default, with two caveats:

  • you must have true colors enabled. Otherwise, some portions of text won't be displayed
  • the default theme is for dark backgrounds