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A Cross Platform WebQQ Protocol
C Python JavaScript CMake
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lwqq means light weight QQ (also Linux webqq). It provide a library for the webqq protocol.

lwqq is designed as cross platform and also provide a Python API to support quick development.

lwqq is currently used in many open source projects. The most well known is pidgin-lwqq

lwqq is licenced under the GPLv3 License.

Quick Build

Most of lwqq's dependencies are optional. It means that you can write some own implementations and embed it into a small applications.

A brief install guide:

mkdir build;cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
make python  # create python egg install package
easy_install python/dist/*.egg # install python bindings (optional)

You can fin more details concerning the build process in the wiki

Debian Package

To create a Debian package from the source:

mkdir build;cd build
cmake ..
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