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Code for paper "Dimensionality-Driven Learning with Noisy Labels" - ICML 2018
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Code for ICML 2018 paper "Dimensionality-Driven Learning with Noisy Labels".

News: Issues fixed on CIFAR-10. 07/11/2018

1. Train DNN models using command line:

An example:

python -d mnist -m d2l -e 50 -b 128 -r 40 

-d: dataset in ['mnist', 'svhn', 'cifar-10', 'cifar-100']
-m: model in ['ce', 'forward', 'backward', 'boot_hard', 'boot_soft', 'd2l']
-e: epoch, -b: batch size, -r: noise rate in [0, 100]

2. Run with pre-set parameters in main function of

    for dataset in ['mnist']:
        for noise_ratio in ['0', '20', '40', '60']:
            args = parser.parse_args(['-d', dataset, '-m', 'd2l',
                                      '-e', '50', '-b', '128',
                                      '-r', noise_ratio])


tensorflow, Keras, numpy, scipy, sklearn, matplotlib

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