Type safe Hibernate query builder (HQL)




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Simple and powerful query builder for your project. Can be use with any existing Hibernate or JPA application.
Stop wasting your time to maintain complex HQL queries and start today with the new generation of query builder.

Quick start

First add this import static org.torpedoquery.jpa.Torpedo.*;

1. Create simple select

    Entity entity = from(Entity.class);
    org.torpedoquery.jpa.Query<Entity> select = select(entity);

2. Create scalar queries

    Entity entity = from(Entity.class);
    org.torpedoquery.jpa.Query<String> select = select(entity.getCode());   

3. How to execute your query

    Entity entity = from(Entity.class);
    org.torpedoquery.jpa.Query<Entity> select = select(entity);
    List<Entity> entityList = select.list(entityManager);

4. Create simple condition

    Entity entity = from(Entity.class);
    org.torpedoquery.jpa.Query<Entity> select = select(entity);

5. Create join on your entities

    Entity entity = from(Entity.class);
    SubEntity subEntity = innerJoin(entity.getSubEntities());
    org.torpedoquery.jpa.Query<String[]> select = select(entity.getCode(), subEntity.getName());

6. Group your conditions

    Entity from = from(Entity.class);
    OnGoingLogicalCondition condition = condition(from.getCode()).eq("test").or(from.getCode()).eq("test2");
    Query<Entity> select = select(from);

How to Improve It

Create your own fork of xjodoin/torpedoquery

To share your changes, submit a pull request.

Don't forget to add new units tests on your change.


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