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Pulse counter with ESP8266 and Domoticz
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schematic First working version May 7, 2018

Pulse counter with ESP8266

This simple sketch detects magnetic pulse thanks to a reed switch, and sends it immediately to a Domoticz instance AND an MQTT broker.

It is used with a Kent V100 (PSM) water meter, which is heavily used in Belgium. It generates one pulse per 0.5 liter.

The hardware schematic is quite simple:



Digital input D1 is set to ground thanks to a pull down resistor R2. When the reed switch is closed, the input is raised to VCC and an interrupt is detected. The LED1 is flashing to provide a visual control when a pulse is detected.


Initially, the sketch was foreseen to Domoticz only. But MQTT has been added in order to use Grafana & InfluxDB as database and visualization tool, allowing greater flexibility in the aggregation and custom made dashboards.


Before compiling, create a private.h file based on the provided private_example.h file: it should contain your Wifi settings, as well as the Domoticz parameters. The domoticz_counter_idx parameter refers to the ID of the "incremental counter" created in Domoticz.

The code contains a lot of debug statements. If those are not required, comment the #define DEBUG at the beginning of the main file.

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