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  • #249 Added workaround for some drivers memory leak.
  • In HTTP API for unknown hashrate now used null instead of 0.0.
  • Fixed MSVC 2019 version detection.
  • Removed obsolete automatic variants.


  • #228 Fixed macOS support.
  • #235 Fixed autoconf for cn/r and other recently added algorithms.
  • #241 Fixed memory leak if used cn/r algorithm.


  • #227 Added new algorithm cryptonight/rwz, short alias cn/rwz (also known as CryptoNight ReverseWaltz), for upcoming Graft fork.
  • #931 Added new algorithm cryptonight/zls, short alias cn/zls for Zelerius Network fork.
  • #940 Added new algorithm cryptonight/double, short alias cn/double (also known as CryptoNight HeavyX), for X-CASH.
  • #951 Fixed crash if AVX was disabled on OS level.
  • #952 Fixed compile error on some Linux.
  • #957 Added support for embedded config.


  • #938 Added support for new algorithm cryptonight/r, short alias cn/r (also known as CryptoNightR or CryptoNight variant 4), for upcoming Monero fork on March 9, thanks @SChernykh.
  • #939 Added support for dynamic (runtime) pools reload.
  • Invalid threads (eg with wrong device index) now ignored and not stop the miner.


  • #218 Added support for new algorithm cryptonight/wow, short alias cn/wow (also known as CryptonightR), for upcoming Wownero fork on February 14.
  • Improved cryptonight/gpu performance.


  • Fixed regression, algorithm cn-pico/trtl was broken in v2.11.0.


  • #928 Added support for new algorithm cryptonight/gpu, short alias cn/gpu (original name cryptonight-gpu), for upcoming Ryo currency fork on February 14.
  • Fixed compatibility with AMD drivers, latest Windows/Linux drivers now supported.


  • #904 Added new algorithm cn-pico/trtl (aliases cryptonight-turtle, cn-trtl) for upcoming TurtleCoin (TRTL) fork.


  • #913 Fixed Masari (MSR) support (this update required for upcoming fork).


  • #211 Fixed cn/half compute errors.
  • Removed verbose messages about threads interleave.


  • #899 Added support for new algorithm cn/half for Masari and Stellite forks.
  • #203 Fixed GPU errors with worksize != 8 on cn-heavy.


  • Improved cn-heavy, cn-heavy/xhv perfomance up to 8% since v2.8.5 and up to 16% since v2.8.4, thanks @SChernykh, pull requests #187, #189, #190, #191, #192 and #193.
  • #195 Fixed hashrate fluctuations. It's no longer necessary to use different intensities per thread.
  • Improved cn-heavy/tube perfomance up to 6% and cn/2 perfomance up to 1%.
  • Reduced power consumption with cn/2
  • Fixed possible invalid shares right after donation finish.
  • Improved AMD Vega64 auto configuration.
  • It's now recommended to revise your config.json and try:
    • Same intensities for both threads.
    • strided_index=2, mem_chunk=1 for cn/2.
    • strided_index=1 for other algorithms.


  • #185 Improved cn-heavy, cn-heavy/xhv and cn-heavy/tube perfomance up to 8%, thanks @SChernykh.
  • #271 Fixed pool options cascading when use mixed configuration: config file and command line.
  • Improved AMD Vega 56 auto configuration for cn/2.


  • Improved AMD Vega autoconfig (double threads & higher intensity).
  • Fixed broken OpenCL code for cn-lite and cn-heavy (regression since v2.8.2).
  • #166 Fixed graceful OpenCL shutdown.
  • Fixed OpenCL compile warnig with ROCm 1.9.1.
  • OpenCL cache file name now displayed in when strict cache disabled (-DSTRICT_CACHE=OFF).
  • Fixed wrong displayed GPU name in autoconfig phase.


  • #813 Fixed critical bug with Minergate pool and variant 2.


  • #167 Fixed wrong hashrate in GET /1/threads API endpoint.
  • #168 Fixed broken AMD OpenCL compile (old driver bug).


  • #156 Added CMake option to disable strict OpenCL cache.
  • #769 Fixed regression, some ANSI escape sequences was in log with disabled colors.
  • #777 Better report about pool connection issues.
  • Added missing options to --help output.


  • #753 Added new algorithm CryptoNight variant 2 for Monero fork, thanks @SChernykh.
  • #758 Added SSL/TLS support for secure connections to pools.
    • Added per pool options "tls" and "tls-fingerprint" and command line equivalents.
  • #162 Extended opencl-platform option.
  • #767 Added autosave config option.
  • #245 Fixed API ID collision when run multiple miners on same machine.
  • #757 Fixed send buffer overflow.


  • #145 Added runtime linking with OpenCL ICD, AMD APP SDK not required anymore.
  • #140 cryptonight-lite/ipbc replaced to cryptonight-heavy/tube for Bittube (TUBE).
  • #128 Improved cryptonight/msr support, removed usage restrictions.
  • Added cryptonight/rto (cryptonight variant 1 with IPBC/TUBE mod) variant for Arto (RTO) coin.
  • Added cryptonight/xao (original cryptonight with bigger iteration count) variant for Alloy (XAO) coin.
  • Added option opencl-loader for custom path to OpenCL ICD.
  • Vega APU (AMD Ryzen with embedded GPU) now excluded from autoconfig, reason: slow and cause BSOD.


  • #132 Fixed regression, command line option --opencl-platform was broken.


  • #130 Added OpenCL cache support.
    • Added config option cache and command line option --no-cache to allow disable cache.
  • Added support for new cryptonight-heavy variant xhv (cn-heavy/xhv) for Haven Protocol fork.
  • #128 Added support for new cryptonight variant msr (cn/msr) also known as cryptonight-fast for Masari fork.
  • #126 Fixed regression, command line option --print-platforms was broken.
  • #127 Fixed regression, miner was not exit if OpenCL errors happen.


  • Added support for cryptonight-lite variant ipbc (cn-lite/ipbc) for BitTube also was known as IPBC.
  • Added support for cryptonight variant xtl (cn/xtl) for Stellite.
  • Added config options strided_index, mem_chunk and comp_mode.
  • Added new detailed hashrate report.
  • Added command line option --dry-run.


  • Fixed critical bug, in some cases miner was can't recovery connection and switch to failover pool, version 2.5.2 and v2.6.0-beta1 affected.
  • #499 IPv6 support disabled for internal HTTP API.
  • Added workaround for if you use cryptonightv7.<region> option variant=1 will be set automatically.


  • #476 Added Cryptonight-Heavy support for Sumokoin ASIC resistance fork.


  • #448 Fixed broken reconnect.


  • #454 Fixed build with libmicrohttpd version below v0.9.35.
  • #456 Verbose errors related to donation pool was not fully silenced.
  • #459 Fixed regression (version 2.5.0 affected) with connection to


  • #434 Added support for Monero v7 PoW, scheduled on April 6.
  • Added full IPv6 support.
  • Added protocol extension, when use the miner with xmrig-proxy 2.5+ no more need manually specify nicehash option.
  • #51 Fixed multiple pools in initial config was saved incorrectly.
  • #123 Fixed regression (all versions since 2.4 affected) fragmented responses from pool/proxy was parsed incorrectly.


  • #49 Fixed, in some cases, pause was cause an infinite loop.
  • #200 In some cases miner was doesn't write log to stdout.
  • Added libmicrohttpd version to --version output.
  • Fixed bug in singal handler, in some cases miner wasn't shutdown properly.
  • Fixed recent MSVC 2017 version detection.


  • Fixed, auto config wasn't write opencl-platform to config.json.
  • Added command line option --print-platforms.
  • Fixed 32 bit build.
  • #2 Fixed Linux build.
  • #3 Fixed macOS build.


  • First public release.
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