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templ The ultra simple template system.

Written in C++ by Xnoe

Depends on

Available on Gentoo via the Xnoverlay


Templ is a static-site "generator" aimed at aiding the creation of multi-pages sites. It uses a jekyll-esque "Front Matter" for each page. Currently it only performs formatting on .html format pages. Markdown support (maybe) soon™️.


Templ is designed to be fairly simple to use. Place your site's files in the directory called source. Files and directories beginning with _ will be ignored by Templ.

A basic "Front Matter" for a page maybe be:

layout: default
title: Hello World

This will cause Templ to use the file source/_layouts/default.html for the layout (where {{ content }} within that file will be replaced with the page's source) and define the variables page.title and page.url (accessible via {{ page.title }} and {{ page.url }}). Templ will also read configurations from the (badly named) source/_config.yml file. This isn't (yet) able to store YAML. Just values separated by : (space included).

Templ is usable in some circumstances but still may be sub-par for people looking for an actual static site generator. It's also very, very, very slow!

Templ also has the ability to include files within outputted content. This is achieved with the {% include example.file %} "command". This will look in source/_includes/ for the named file and insert it in to the document in place.

This allows you to have a separate .css file for your stylesheets while also including them directly inside your HTML file (for example, if you want the outputted document to work as a single HTML file.)

Using outputted content

Formatted pages will be in the output folder, in the same directory that Templ is called from.

Known bugs

Not very bug tested! (Aka. don't use for prod!)

Occasionally gets in to an infinite loop if start / end tags for things are done properly, without any sanity check. (^C to escape and check your source files). This shouldn't be too major of a bug but is just a sign of my awful code :( Sorry All.

Still lacks many necessary features that some people would like to have.


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