A template project to use for creating a meteor app with unit and webdriver testing
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Meteor Leaderboard Example using RTD

This is a project exemplifying xolv.io's RTD Test Runner for Meteor, an end-to-end testing solution combining Karma, Selenium Webdriver and Istanbul. Click here for the RTD project page.



Ensure you have node and Meteor.

Now clone this project's git repo and run:

  git clone https://github.com/xolvio/meteor-rtd-example-project
  cd meteor-rtd-example-project
  npm install
  ./node_modules/.bin/rtd --debug

Every time you start development, just run this:


Or to run on a CI server:

  ./node_modules/.bin/rtd runOnce

Have a play around, and enjoy seeing realtime feedback from unit and acceptance tests, as well as test coverage every time you save a file. If you'd like to use RTD in your Meteor project, head over to the RTD project page.