A simple isometric 2d game using OpenGL. Videos at https://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x1mbxf
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Little World

LittleWorld Preview

This program is supposed to be able to compile and run on MacOSX, Linux and PC (I only tested MacOSX for now). Project is under development so do not expect impressive features ;)

Checkout the crazy dev screenshots album.



  • Clone the LittleWorld project
  • Type "make" to build the game
  • Type "./build/littleWorld" to start the game


  • v0.3: real time lighting and shadows
  • v0.2: pathfinder
  • v0.1: basic rendering


  • If the game do not compile because of some errors in the code reset the history to a stable revision (git reset --hard v0.3) then try again.