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RapidJSON bindings for Lua

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A json module for LuaJIT 2.0/2.1 and Lua 5.1/5.2/5.3, based on the very fast RapidJSON C++ library.

See project homepage for more informations, bug report and feature request.


  • lua development environment
    • lua-devel (linux)
    • or luavm(windows)
    • or brew install lua luarocks
    • or any equivalent on your system
  • cmake >= 3.1.0, cmake 2.8 may work but not well tested.


luarocks install rapidjson

or if you like to use your own version of RapidJSON, use:

luarocks install rapidjson RAPIDJSON_INCLUDE_DIRS=path/to/rapidjson/include/dir
local rapidjson = require('rapidjson')



Usage without luarocks

  1. Use cmake -H. -Bbuild -G<generator-name> go generate project.

    If you use a non standard lua install location, add environment variable LUA_DIR to the directory contains include and lib for you lua installtion. eg.

     LUA_DIR=/usr/local/openresty/luajit cmake -H. -Bbuild -G<generator-name>
  2. cmake --build build --config Release to build the or rapidjosn.dll library.

  3. Then link that library to you project or copy to desired place.

Tips: use cmake --help to see a list of generator-name available.

Value Type Mappings

Lua Type JSON type Notes
rapidjson.null null
true true
false false
string string
table array when meta field __jsontype is 'array' or no __jsontype meta filed and table length > 0 or table length == 0 and empty_table_as_array option is specified
table object when not an array, all non string keys and its values are ignored.
number number


Clone or download source code, in the project root folder:

luarocks install luautf8
luarocks install busted
luarocks make


To compare speed of rapidjson and other json libraries:

lua performance/run.lua


See API reference.

Release Steps

  1. Pass all unit tests.
  2. Update version in rapidjson-..*-1.rockspec and update the name of the rockspec file.
  3. Tag source code with that version (v*..), and push.
  4. luarocks upload rapidjson-*.*.*-1.rockspec



  • Try support cmake 2.8 with GCC (but still requires c++ compiler support c++11 or at least c++0x).


  • Add support for decode C buffer + length.
  • Export C++ API pushDecoded.


  • Check lua stack when decoding objects and arrays to ensure there is room (Thanks Matthew Johnson).


  • Remove all c++11 feature requirements except move constructor.


  • Added Document SchemaDocument SchemaValidator to support JSON pointer and schema.


  • Checks encoding error for float point numbers.
  • RapidJSON compiling turn: use release config and turn SIMD on if supported.


  • Fixes build and test errors introduced in 0.4.3.


  • CMakeLists.txt supports command line defined RAPIDJSON_INCLUDE_DIRS to specified RapidJSON include directory.
  • Keeps only necessary RapidJSON header files and docs make the rock much smaller.


  • Update RapidJSON to latest HEAD version.


  • Fixes Windows dll.


  • Checks circular reference when encoding tables.
  • A table is encoded as json array if:
    • have meta field __jsontype set to 'array'.
    • don't have meta filed __jsontype and length > 0.
  • When table is encoded as json object, only string keys and its values are encoded.
  • Integers are decoded to lua_Integer if it can be stored in lua_Integer.


  • Follow integers are encoded as integers.
    • Lua 5.3 integers.
    • Integers stored in double and in between:
      • [INT64_MIN..INT64_MAX] on 64 bit Lua or
      • [INT32_MIN..INT32_MAX] in 32 bit Lua.
  • CI scripts updated, thanks @ignacio


  • Rename module to rapidjson.
  • Added option.sort_keys option to rapidjson.encode() and rapidjson.dump(), and default value for sort_keys is false.
  • Added rapidjson._NAME ("rapidjson") and rapidjson._VERSION.
  • rapidjson.object() and rapidjson.array() just set metatable field __jsontype to 'object' and 'array' if passed table already have a metatable.
  • fixes dump return value of false rather than nil.


  • Initial release.
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