Use node.js to communicate with Adafruit/Sparkfun Thermal Printer
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Control the Adafruit/Sparkfun thermal printer from node.js

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Largely inspired by

You can print images, but they need to be 384px wide.

It's a fluent API, so you can chain functions, but don't forget to call print at the end to actually print something!

Crappy schematics

You'll need an USB/Serial converter.



  • install with npm install thermalprinter --save
  • check the demo sample:
var SerialPort = require('serialport'),
	serialPort = new SerialPort('/dev/ttyUSB0', {
		baudrate: 19200
	Printer = require('thermalprinter');

var path = __dirname + '/images/nodebot.png';

serialPort.on('open',function() {
	var printer = new Printer(serialPort);
	printer.on('ready', function() {
			.printLine('first line')
			.printLine('second line')
			.print(function() {