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Find file Copy path
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col owner format a30
col oname format a30 heading "Object name"
col cname format a30 heading "Column name"
accept owner_mask prompt "Enter owner mask: ";
accept tab_name prompt "Enter tab_name mask: ";
accept col_name prompt "Enter col_name mask: ";
SELECT a.username as owner
, as oname
, as cname
,u.equality_preds as equality_preds
,u.equijoin_preds as equijoin_preds
,u.nonequijoin_preds as nonequijoin_preds
,u.range_preds as range_preds
,u.like_preds as like_preds
,u.null_preds as null_preds
,to_char(u.timestamp, 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss') when
sys.col_usage$ u
, sys.obj$ o
, sys.col$ c
, all_users a
WHERE a.user_id = o.owner#
AND u.obj# = o.obj#
AND u.obj# = c.obj#
AND u.intcol# = c.col#
AND a.username like upper('&owner_mask')
AND like upper('&tab_name')
AND like upper('&col_name')
ORDER BY a.username,,
col owner clear;
col oname clear;
col cname clear;
undef tab_name col_name owner_mask;
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