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@Tyriar Tyriar released this
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The WebGL renderer addon got quite a bit of work done on it this release and is quickly approaching parity with the other renderers. It has also been integrated into VS Code as an experimental option.

From our benchmarks the WebGL renderer renders frames up to 900% faster than the canvas renderer and even more in extreme cases where there are hardware issues with the canvas renderer.


Here's a comparison of example frames rendered using the canvas and webgl renderers (Windows 10, Intel Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.5GHz, AMD FirePro W2100):


Faster rendering also means more frames overall and faster commands. The below is a run of ls -lR on the same machine inside the VS Code codebase:


Read more about why it's so good in microsoft/vscode#84440 🔥

🚀 Features

  • The new option minimumContrastRatio has been added that dynamically changes the foreground color to improve contrast (#2563, #2602) via @Tyriar



  • The new onBinary event enabled support for some mouse report events that cannot be expressed in JS strings (UTF8) (#2566) via @jerch

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Only re-render rows that have changed (#2536, #2582) via @Tyriar
  • Re-render rows when options have changed (#2550) via @Tyriar
  • Force foreground color to be opaque when using a transparent background (#2560) via @ivanwonder
  • Include the backtick as a default word separator (#2583) via @Tyriar

📝 Documentation and internal improvements

🎉 New real-world use cases

📥 Addons


  • Fix search results missing when searching wrapped lines (#2532) via @glneto


🤝 Compatible addon versions

  • xterm-addon-attach@0.4.0
  • xterm-addon-fit@0.3.0
  • xterm-addon-search@0.4.0
  • xterm-addon-ligatures@0.2.1
  • xterm-addon-web-links@0.2.1
  • xterm-addon-webgl@0.4.1

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