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I can't login to FruitWiFi and I see weird characters on the page like "?>"
Enable PHP short_open_tag on php.ini file

I can't do anything and I can't save the setup using the config page (web interface)
This is a privileges problem. FruityWiFi uses sudo to execute commands. Verify that the file /etc/sudoers.d/fruitywifi exists with privileges [owner:root, group:root]

I can't enable wireless from the status page (web interface)
Check the setup on the config page. In [AP] mode, select Hostapd if your wireless card is supported otherwise use Airmon-ng mode. Realtek and other chipsets are not supported by Hostapd, so Airmon-ng needs to be used. Mana and Karma are only supported by Hostapd modes.

Wireless gets enabled but looks like DHCP it is not working
We saw this behaviour with wireless cards not supported by Hostapd, please try with Airmon-ng mode.

I can't enable some modules
There are some modules that require other modules or services to be enabled first, such us Mana that requires [Hostapd-Mana] Wireless being enabled before.

I can't install one of the modules|plugins
Verify that all the dependecies are installed accessing the module page using the web interface.

Still... I can't install one of the modules|plugins
Try to run the installation script manually. Each module|plugin contains an installation script. Go to the folder /usr/share/fruitywifi/www/modules/{module-name}/includes/ and execute manually the script install.sh. You will see on the screen output what the problem is.

You can always submit the issues and problems on Github. We will help you as soon as possible and it will help us to identify and fix bugs. :: issues page

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