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xtUML is Executable Translatable UML. It is the modern dialect of Shlaer-Mellor Object Oriented Analysis and Recursive Design. Learn more at

Popular repositories

  1. The BridgePoint eclipse plugins

    HTML 25 71

  2. models Public

    Applications, testing, demos and other models in xtUML form.

    C 18 87

  3. mc Public

    model compiler arcs, support files, and interface plug-ins

    C 5 58

  4. training Public

    Materials stored here relate to understanding xtUML.

    C 5 7

  5. masl Public

    MASL is a Shlaer-Mellor dialect action language and structural modeling language.

    Java 5 10

  6. Support files for building and packaging BridgePoint xtUML source available in xtuml/bridgepoint repository.

    XSLT 3 41


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