Xunit2 support #1

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This PR tracks everything that's required for xunit2 support:

  • Basic running of tests with xunit2
  • Enable parallelisation (relies on outcome of xunit/xunit#75)
  • Use xunit2 for test discovery in source code. Replace existing xunit1 dependency
  • Serialise tests discovered in source through to the runner, so discovery only happens once
  • Explicit support for collections, to allow grouping in the ReSharper UI. Also allow for error reporting if a collection fixture fails
  • Report shadow copy cache folder to ReSharper to allow cache cleanup in case of process abort. Relies on xunit/xunit#81
  • Reference provider for MemberData parameters - code completion, ctrl-click navigation, etc.
  • Update external annotations for xunit2 assemblies
  • Update live templates for xunit2. How to know when to use xunit1 vs xunit2 templates? (e.g. Theory has a different namespace)
@citizenmatt citizenmatt added this to the xunit2 milestone May 2, 2014
@citizenmatt citizenmatt self-assigned this May 2, 2014
citizenmatt added some commits Aug 12, 2014
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Initial tests for annotations, plus work on xunit2 84020be
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Merge branch 'xunit2' into xunit2-annotations 3e6ab44
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Work in progress on annotations 8413813
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Completed xunit.assert annotations 8316dc3
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Added xunit.core annotations d306972
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Merge branch 'xunit2' into xunit2-annotations bfc0196
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Disable some dodgy annotation tests 3dc4f28
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Updated nuspec for ReSharper 9.0 893d91c
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Preparing release for 2.1.6
Resolves #45, #44, #32, #43, #41, #30
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Updating readme ebfa811
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Defensive coding if exception data is wonky
The xunit runner utility can produce false positives when parsing
multiple nested exceptions. Fixed in 2.1, but this adds some defensive
coding to at least not throw exceptions and fail to finish running the
tests (the message we display might be a bit rubbish though).

Fixes #50
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Bumped versions for 8.2 and 9.1 support
Time to drop 9.0...
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Bumped version for 9.0 support a28448d
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Clean compile for 9.2 EAP 7 6f188e2
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Disable shadow copy for tests
The SDK's tests try to find the code base of the test runner as a
relative path to the executing assembly codebase, which doesn't work if
shadow copy is enabled.
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Added missing 9.1 SDK tests + updated to latest SDK 327334b
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Added SDK.Tests to 9.2 project b860a74
@citizenmatt citizenmatt 9.2 testing requires STA
Not sure if this is a new requirement or oversight...
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Remove pure attribute from asserts
IsType and IsAssignableFrom return values, but it's not an error to
ignore the return value.

Fixes #69
@citizenmatt citizenmatt 9.2 nuspec
Fixes #63
@citizenmatt citizenmatt Nicer log messages c539f07
@citizenmatt citizenmatt 9.2 RC2 support df95a20

I would really love support for custom tests. Is there any way i can help with the integration of xunit2 for discovery?


Enough's enough. This pull request has gone on long enough. Time to move back to master.

Merging + closing this. Missing features are #88, #87, #86, #85.

@citizenmatt citizenmatt merged commit 69646ab into master Nov 1, 2015
@citizenmatt citizenmatt deleted the xunit2 branch Nov 1, 2015
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