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Standalone Customizer Controls
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=== Standalone Customizer Controls ===
Contributors:      xwp, westonruter
Requires at least: 4.6-alpha
Tested up to:      4.6-alpha
Stable tag:        0.6.1
License:           GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Text Domain:       customize-posts

Use Customizer controls in contexts outside of the Customizer itself.

This is a demonstration of how to use Customizer settings and controls outside the context of the Customizer app. The goal of this demo is to show how Customizer controls can be used in Shortcode UI (Shortcake) forms and also provide an example for how Customizer controls can be embedded on the frontend.

Please install and active the Customize Posts plugin to use all of the examples.

To access the examples, please go to the admin and access Appearance > Standalone Customizer Controls Demo.

See [#29071]( “Make it easier to include an instance of the Customizer outside of customize.php”.
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