A fast and lightweight site for viewing files
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Pinedocs Screenshot See more screenshots at https://imgur.com/a/15Gq67X

A fast and lightweight site for viewing files.

Great for documentation, wiki, notes, etc.


  • No database needed.
  • Supports Markdown, plaintext, HTML, code, images, SVG, GIFs, audio and small videos.
  • Syntax highlighting for over 169 languages with over 77 themes.
  • Responsive layouts and color schemes.
  • Configuration
  • Quick filtering in files
  • Use your existing files



docker run -itd -v "$PWD"/data:/data/pinedocs -p 3000:80 xy2z/pinedocs:1.0.3

See more at https://hub.docker.com/r/xy2z/pinedocs/

Manual Setup


Setup guide

  1. Download the latest release or run git clone
  2. Run composer install in the root to get dependencies.
  3. Setup the web server to the PineDocs/public dir (use php -S localhost:89 for testing)


Feel free to edit the config.yaml file to fit your needs.


  • title (string) The title of the site, used in tabs and bookmarks.

  • content_dir (string) Path to the dir you want to use. Default is the PineDocs/content/ dir.

  • logo (string) Path to the logo. If nothing is set, the PineDocs logo will be used.

  • index (string) Relative path to the index file. Default is array of index.md, index.html, index.txt, index.

  • layout (string) Available layouts: default, wiki.

  • color_scheme (string) Available color schemes: pinedocs, simplistic, simplistic-dark, twilight.

  • highlight_theme (string) The theme to use for code. See a list at https://highlightjs.org/static/demo/

  • code_transparent_bg (bool) If true, all will use the highlight theme. If false, the background will be transparent.

  • open_dirs (int|string) The number of levels of dirs that should be opnened on page load. Use all to open all dirs.

  • render_footer (bool) Render the menu footer?

  • exclude_files (array) List of files to exclude. Supports regex if the format is /regex/i.

  • show_file_extension (bool) Show file extensions. Default is true.

  • menu_link_format (string) Values: default, ucfirst, ucwords, uppercase, lowercase.