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PiCar Project

Documentation Status


The PiCar project is a miniature four-wheeled car powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 board. This lab-scale autonomous research platform is easy to build and modify. A camera and LIDAR mounted on the car allows for complex computer vision algorithms.

This repository contains all the software and hardware source files required to duplicate the car, including:

  • Chassis 3D printing, and CAD sources.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 breakout PCB to connect peripherals and draw power from LiPo battery.
  • Source code of the following sofware modules capable of:
  • Acquire wheel RPM data using encoder.
  • Acquire acceleration, angular velocity, and compass data from an I²C LSM9DS1 IMU.
  • Acquire video data from a Raspberry Pi NoIR camera.
  • Perform real-time computer vision using camera data.
  • Control the speed of brushed DC motor.