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Rust iptables Documentation Build License

This crate provides bindings for iptables application in Linux (inspired by go-iptables). This crate uses iptables binary to manipulate chains and tables. This source code is licensed under MIT license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

iptables = "*"

Getting started

1- Import the crate iptables and manipulate chains:

let ipt = iptables::new(false).unwrap();

assert!(ipt.new_chain("nat", "NEWCHAINNAME").is_ok());
assert!(ipt.append("nat", "NEWCHAINNAME", "-j ACCEPT").is_ok());
assert!(ipt.exists("nat", "NEWCHAINNAME", "-j ACCEPT").unwrap());
assert!(ipt.delete("nat", "NEWCHAINNAME", "-j ACCEPT").is_ok());
assert!(ipt.delete_chain("nat", "NEWCHAINNAME").is_ok());

For more information, please check the test file in tests folder.