@j0k3r j0k3r released this Jun 18, 2015 · 695 commits to master since this release

  • All deprecated functions have been removed
  • Keyboard Shorcuts are now part of an extension and not attached to specific button/commands
  • Placeholders are now part of an extension with its own dedicated options
  • Toolbar is now an extension with its own dedicated options
  • firstHeader and secondHeader are gone you should use h1 thru h6
  • Support pre-releases
  • Buttons
    • The array of buttons can now contain objects, for overriding any part of the button object
      • This replaces the custom object value for the buttonLabels option
  • API
    • Unique id for MediumEditor instance will now remain unique (regardless of how many instances are created)
    • .statics references are gone
    • .trigger supports triggering events without needing to declare the event
    • .callExtensions(), .setToolbarPosition(), and .hideToolbarDefaultActions() have been removed
  • Extension
    • .window & .document are now exposed as members of the Extension
    • init no longer is passed MediumEditor instance as first argument
  • CSS
    • All classes are now medium-editor prefixed
  • Util
    • getProp, derives, getSelectionData, setObject & getObject are gone
    • getSelectionRange & getSelectionStart are now in Selection