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Swift 5.1 SMP ready Carthage compatible
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CollectionViewSlantedLayout is a subclass of the UICollectionViewLayout allowing the display of slanted cells in a UICollectionView.



  • Pure Swift 5.
  • Works with every UICollectionView.
  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling support.
  • Dynamic cells height
  • Fully Configurable



CollectionViewSlantedLayout is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'CollectionViewSlantedLayout', '~> 3.1'


You can also install it via Carthage. To do so, add the following to your Cartfile:

github 'yacir/CollectionViewSlantedLayout'


  1. Import CollectionViewSlantedLayout module to your controller

    import CollectionViewSlantedLayout
  2. Create an instance and add it to your UICollectionView.

    let slantedSayout = CollectionViewSlantedLayout()
    UICollectionView(frame: .zero, collectionViewLayout: slantedSayout)
  3. Use the CollectionViewSlantedCell class for your cells or subclass it.

Find a demo in the Examples folder.


  • slantingSize:

     @IBInspectable var slantingSize: UInt

    The slanting size. The default value of this property is 75.

  • slantingDirection:

     var slantingDirection: SlantingDirection

    The slanting direction. The default value of this property is upward.

  • slantingAngle:

     fileprivate(set) var slantingAngle: CGFloat

    The angle, in radians, of the slanting. The value of this property could be used to apply a rotation transform on the cell's contentView in the collectionView(_:cellForItemAt:) method implementation.

     if let layout = collectionView.collectionViewLayout as? CollectionViewSlantedLayout {
     	cell.contentView.transform = CGAffineTransform(rotationAngle: layout.rotationAngle)
  • scrollDirection:

     var scrollDirection: UICollectionViewScrollDirection

    The scroll direction of the grid. The grid layout scrolls along one axis only, either horizontally or vertically. The default value of this property is vertical.

  • isFirstCellExcluded:

     @IBInspectable var isFirstCellExcluded: Bool

    Set it to true to disable the slanting for the first cell. The default value of this property is false.

  • isLastCellExcluded:

     @IBInspectable var isLastCellExcluded: Bool

    Set it to true to disable the slanting for the last cell. The default value of this property is false.

  • lineSpacing:

     @IBInspectable var lineSpacing: CGFloat

    The spacing to use between two items. The default value of this property is 10.0.

  • itemSize:

     @IBInspectable var itemSize: CGFloat

    The default size to use for cells. If the delegate does not implement the collectionView(_:layout:sizeForItemAt:) method, the slanted layout uses the value in this property to set the size of each cell. This results in cells that all have the same size. The default value of this property is 225.

  • zIndexOrder:

     var zIndexOrder: ZIndexOrder

    The zIndex order of the items in the layout. The default value of this property is ascending.


The CollectionViewDelegateSlantedLayout protocol defines methods that let you coordinate with a CollectionViewSlantedLayout object to implement a slanted layout. The CollectionViewDelegateSlantedLayout protocol has the following methods:

optional func collectionView(_ collectionView: UICollectionView,
                             layout collectionViewLayout: CollectionViewSlantedLayout,
                             sizeForItemAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> CGFloat

This method asks the delegate for the size of the specified item’s cell.

If you do not implement this method, the slanted layout uses the values in its itemSize property to set the size of items instead. Your implementation of this method can return a fixed set of sizes or dynamically adjust the sizes based on the cell’s content.


Yassir Barchi


This framework is inspired by this prototype released by Matt Bridges.


CollectionViewSlantedLayout is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.