A plugin for nodemailer that uses express-handlebars view engine to generate emails
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Express Handlebars plugin for Nodemailer

This plugin works with nodemailer 2.x. And uses the express-handlebars view engine to generate html emails.

Install from npm

npm install nodemailer-express-handlebars


//reference the plugin
var hbs = require('nodemailer-express-handlebars');
//attach the plugin to the nodemailer transporter
transporter.use('compile', hbs(options));
//send mail with options
var mail = {
   from: 'from@domain.com',
   to: 'to@domain.com',
   subject: 'Test',
   template: 'email',
   context: {
       name: 'Name'

Plugin Options

The plugin expects the following options:

  • viewEngine (required) either the express-handlebars view engine instance or options for the view engine
  • viewPath (required) provides the path to the directory where your views are
  • extName the extension of the views to use (defaults to .handlebars)

Mail options

Set the template and values properties on the mail object before calling sendMail

  • template the name of the template file to use
  • context this will be passed to the view engine as the context as well as view engine options see here