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Fluxible Build Status

This repository is the home of Fluxible and related libraries.

For support, please use GitHub Discussions.


Please check out the Fluxible package README for documentation.


All code is developed against the latest Node LTS version. This repository leverages npm workspaces for package management.


The changesets library publishes packages to the npm registry. Use the following steps to publish a package:

  1. After making changes to a package in your branch, run npx changesets and follow the prompts to choose which package needs to be published and what type of version (i.e., major, minor, patch).
  2. Commit the newly created .changes/<id>.md file to your branch.
  3. Open a PR with your changes.
  4. Once reviewed and merged, the GitHub Actions publish job will run the changesets action and open a new PR with package.json and changes for the packages chosen to publish.
  5. Merge this PR when a release is needed.


This software is free to use under the Yahoo Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.