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K2HR3 REST API(k2hr3-api)

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K2HR3 - K2Hdkc based Resource and Roles and policy Rules

K2HR3 system

K2HR3 system overview

K2HR3 (K2Hdkc based Resource and Roles and policy Rules) is one of extended RBAC (Role Based Access Control) system.
K2HR3 works as RBAC in cooperation with OpenStack which is one of IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service), and also provides useful functions for using RBAC.

K2HR3 is a system that defines and controls HOW(policy Rule), WHO(Role), WHAT(Resource), as RBAC.
Users of K2HR3 can define Role(WHO) groups to access freely defined Resource(WHAT) and control access by policy Rule(HOW).
By defining the information and assets required for any system as a Resource(WHAT), K2HR3 system can give the opportunity to provide access control in every situation.

K2HR3 provides +SERVICE feature, it strongly supports user system, function and information linkage.

K2HR3 system overview

K2HR3 is built k2hdkc, k2hash, chmpx and k2hash transaction plugin components by AntPickax.


K2HR3 REST API provides for manipulating data such as ROLE, POLICY RULE, RESOURCE and SERVICE stored in the K2HR3 Data Server(k2hdkc).

Using the K2HR3 REST API provided by this K2HR3 API server, the K2HR3 Web Application and its Web Server communicates with the K2HR3 Data Server(k2hdkc).
And users and hosts of the ROLE member directly call this K2HR3 REST API on this K2HR3 API Server, and get/put RESOURCE data.

K2HR3 REST API and K2HR3 API Server is the server side JavaScript program running on Node.js.

K2HR3 system overview


K2HR3 Document
K2HR3 Web Application Usage
K2HR3 Command Line Interface Usage
K2HR3 OpenStack Notification Listener Usage
K2HR3 Watcher Usage
K2HR3 Get Resource Usage
K2HR3 Utilities for Setup
K2HR3 Demonstration

About k2hdkc
About k2hash
About chmpx
About k2hash transaction plugin

About AntPickax


K2HR3 main repository
K2HR3 Web Application repository
K2HR3 Command Line Interface repository
K2HR3 REST API repository
K2HR3 OpenStack Notification Listener
K2HR3 Utilities
K2HR3 Container Registration Sidecar
K2HR3 Get Resource

k2hash transaction plugin


k2hr3-api(npm packages)

Docker images

k2hr3-api(Docker Hub)


This software is released under the MIT License, see the license file.


K2HR3 is one of AntPickax products.

Copyright(C) 2017 Yahoo Japan Corporation.