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Links to accepted papers for the 19th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP 2014).

(Similar pages are available for ICFP 2012 and ICFP 2013. You may also be interested in Haskell 2014 accepted papers and PLDI 2014 accepted papers.)

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  • On Teaching How to Design Programs: Observations from a Newcomer
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Norman Ramsey

  • Folding Domain-Specific Languages: Deep and Shallow Embeddings
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Jeremy Gibbons and Nicolas Wu

  • Pattern matching without K
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Jesper Cockx, Dominique Devriese and Frank Piessens

  • Settable and Non-Interfering Signal Functions for FRP
    (paper (video of talk)
    by Daniel Winograd-Cort and Paul Hudak

  • Safe Zero-cost Coercions for Haskell
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Joachim Breitner, Richard A. Eisenberg, Simon Peyton Jones and Stephanie Weirich

  • Worker/Wrapper/Makes It/Faster
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Jennifer Hackett and Graham Hutton

  • Lem: reusable engineering of real-world semantics
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Dominic P. Mulligan, Scott Owens, Kathryn E. Gray, Tom Ridge and Peter Sewell

  • There is no Fork: an Abstraction for Efficient, Concurrent, and Concise Data Access
    (paper) (source) (video of talk)
    by Simon Marlow, Louis Brandy, Jonathan Coens and Jon Purdy

  • Hindley-Milner elaboration in applicative style
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Francois Pottier

  • Building Embedded Systems with Embedded DSLs
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Patrick Hickey, Lee Pike, Trevor Elliott, James Bielman and John Launchbury

  • Compositional Semantics for Composable Continuations: From Abortive to Delimited Control
    (video of talk)
    by Paul Downen and Zena Ariola

  • Maximal Sharing in the Lambda Calculus with letrec
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Clemens Grabmayer and Jan Rochel

  • A Theory of Gradual Effect Systems
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Felipe Bañados Schwerter, Ronald Garcia and Éric Tanter

  • Functional Programming for Dynamic and Large Data with Self-Adjusting Computation
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Yan Chen, Umut A. Acar and Kanat Tangwongsan

  • SeLINQ: Tracking Information Across Application-Database Boundaries
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Daniel Schoepe, Andrei Sabelfeld and Daniel Hedin

  • Krivine Nets
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Olle Fredriksson and Dan R. Ghica

  • Practical and Effective Higher-Order Optimizations
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Lars Bergstrom, Matthew Fluet, John Reppy, Nora Sandler and Matthew Le

  • Distilling Abstract Machines
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Beniamino Accattoli, Pablo Barenbaum and Damiano Mazza

  • Type-Based Parametric Analysis of Program Families
    (video of talk)
    by Sheng Chen and Martin Erwig

  • Soft Contract Verification
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Phuc Nguyen, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt and David Van Horn

  • Concurrent NetCore: From Policies to Pipelines
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Cole Schlesinger, Michael Greenberg and David Walker

  • Homotopical Patch Theory
    (paper) (expanded version) (video of talk)
    by Carlo Angiuli, Ed Morehouse, Daniel Licata and Robert Harper

  • A Relational Framework for Higher-Order Shape Analysis
    (paper) (tech report) (video of talk)
    by Gowtham Kaki and Suresh Jagannathan

  • Coeffects: A calculus of context-dependent computation
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Tomas Petricek, Dominic Orchard and Alan Mycroft

  • Refinement Types For Haskell
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Niki Vazou, Eric L. Seidel, Ranjit Jhala, Dimitrios Vytiniotis and Simon Peyton-Jones

  • Romeo: a system for more flexible binding-safe programming
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Paul Stansifer and Mitchell Wand

  • How to Keep Your Neighbours in Order
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Conor McBride

  • SML# in Industry: A Practical ERP System Development
    (paper) (video of talk)
    by Atsushi Ohori, Katsuhiro Ueno, Kazunori Hoshi, Shinji Nozaki, Takashi Sato, Tasuku Makabe and Yuki Ito


Accepted papers for ICFP 2014



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