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A simple, customizable IRC bot written in Perl
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=Logios v3.6=

==What is Logios?==
Logios is an IRC bot written in perl. It is designed to be customizable via the addition of simple modules, also written in perl. 

==What do I need to run Logios?==
Just the core module,, and a defining what options you would like. You probably want to modify the sample in the repository; don't forget to rename it though. 

==How do I install LogiosBot?==
Make sure the Config file is in the same folder as the core bot, and that the generalhelp.txt file is in the subdirectory Help. Then just run the bot.

==How do I install a module?==
New method: Run module_installer, passing it the folder containing the module. Example: "perl module_install Modules/TvTropes"
Manual install: Put the core file ("") in the same folder as LogiosBot and its help file ("modulehelp.txt") in the Help folder.

Then just edit the config to load the module by name and voila. 

==What format do modules need to be in?==
See ModulesFormat.txt

==Can I see Logios in action?==
Sure! The deployed, customized version of Logios that the author uses is called HermesBot and resides permenantly on in channel #crossings_ooc. 
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