Java library which implements hamcrest matchers for collections and webdriver webelements. Includes a few matcher decorators to handle timeout issues.
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Matchers Java

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Collection of useful Hamcrest's matchers for everyday testers life.


Choose one of the modules and add to your pom.xml

  • WebDriver Matchers
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    webdriver-matchers - Matchers library to work with WebDriver WebElement interface.

  • Collections Matchers
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    collection-matchers - Matchers library to work with collections.

  • Common Matchers
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    common-matchers - Matchers library with matchers for common use cases.

  • Java NIO Matchers
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    nio-matchers - Matchers library with matchers for Java NIO.

  • Matcher Decorators
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    matcher-decorators - Decorators which allows handle additional condition issues (e.g. timeouts) directly in the assertion statements.


You can find more useful libs and examples on wiki