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Vue.js: Vue.js is a library for building modern web interfaces. It provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API.

Redux: Predictable state management for JavaScript apps


A Vue.js mixins to integrate redux.

Note: Not production ready. Use at your own risk.


npm install vue-redux

How to use ?

Please see the example in this repo.

Run the example 💻

This app is just a pretty simple task list app. But it shows how to use vue-redux in a Vue.js application. Nothing fancy, to run it

git clone 
cd vue-redux/example
npm install
npm run build

To watch with webpack hot module replacement 🔥

npm run hot

And go to http://localhost:8080/.

What about the pure Flux?

I start to experiment this with the pure Flux. You can still find it on flux branch or here


Recently, the creator of Vue.js created Vuex which is a library to enable Vue.js adopt Flux-like architecture. Have a look if you're interested =)