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NodeBB plugin to integrate your forum with your Minecraft Server.
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NodeBB Minecraft Integration

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For support, visit the project's topic on the NodeBB Forums.

The Minecraft Integration project aims to reproduce and enhance widgets and features found on sites such as Enjin for use on a NodeBB forum.



Install the plugin by using the Install Plugins page on the NodeBB Admin Control Panel.


  1. After installing the plugin and reloading your NodeBB, go to the Plugins->Minecraft Integration page in the Admin control panel and add a new server, fill out the required info, and save.
  2. Copy the server's API key.
  3. On your Minecraft server console, enter the command /nodebb key {APIkey}

The server will now connect to your forum and send it information every minute or when an event occurs.

Server Configuration

Server Name

This name is used by the plugin to identify the server.

Server Address

This is the address users use in game to connect to the server.


This key is used to connect your Minecraft server to the forum.


Server Status Widget

Shows MOTD, min/max players, version, online player avatars, and other information about the Minecraft server. Displays everything in a pretty table. Custom rows can be added for things such as Mod Pack downloads, donation links, or any other html you wish to add.

Server Status Widget Sample Image

Mini Map Widget

Displays a Dynmap or Overviewer mini-map with configurable start location. (World/MapType/Coordinate).

Dynmap Mini Map Sample Image

Online Players Graph Widget

A graph showing the number of player on the server recently. (Last 30 pings)

Online Players Graph Sample Image

Online Players Grid Widget

A grid of avatars of players currently on the server.

Online Players Grid Sample Image

Top Players List Widget

Displays user avatars in a list representing the top players' approximate play time.

Top Players List Sample Image

Top Players Graph Widget

A graphic chart (Pie) representing the top players' approximate play time.

Top Players Graph Sample Image

TPS Graph Widget

A graph showing the servers' recent Ticks per Second.

Chat Widget

Show the in-game chat in a shoutbox-like widget. Send messages if your forum user is registered.

Plugin API

Other apps can read data the plugin has collected via it's API.

Features in Development

  • Character Profiles - A mini profile for your character.
  • Gallery Widget - A selection of user-uploaded screen-shots.
  • Server Page - A page just for server data.
  • Directory Widget - Display notable character profiles.
  • Ping Graph Widget - Display recent server pings.
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