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A set of scripts to automatically update the https certificates of website hosted on GitLab with domain manager as GoDaddy
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A set of scripts to update the HTTPS certificates of my website using GoDaddy and GitLab APIs.

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Usage Instructions

First of all, set the four environmental variables EMAIL_ID, GODADDY_KEY, GODADDY_SECRET and GITLAB_TOKEN in your shell.

To generate API keys for GoDaddy, sign into your account and follow the instructions on this page.

To generate personal access token for GitLab API, follow the instructions given here.

To run these scripts, you will require Certbot and GoLang installed on your machine.

Once you have finished setting up your system, clone the repository and navigate to it.

In the file, edit the certbot command to include your domain names.

In the subsequent curl command in the same file, edit the URL part to include your repository address where your webiste's code sits. Follow the documentation of GitLab Pages Domain API here.

Now, in the file, towards the end, edit the if statement to compare the CERTBOT_DOMAIN variable to the the domain name, which is the last in the list that you defined in the certbot command above. For example -

certbot --manual \
--preferred-challenges dns \
--agree-tos \
--email "${EMAIL_ID}" \
--no-eff-email \
--expand \
--renew-by-default \
--manual-public-ip-logging-ok \
--noninteractive \
--redirect \
--config-dir ${DIR}/generated/config \
--work-dir ${DIR}/generated/work \
--logs-dir ${DIR}/generated/logs \
--manual-auth-hook ${DIR}/ \
-d \
-d \

So, in the file -

# Comparing with the last domain
if [ "${CERTBOT_DOMAIN}"  =  "" ];  then
	for  (( i=0; i<5; i++ ));  do
		sleep 60s

Domain registrars require some time to publish the changes in the DNS records. Here I have assumed 15 minutes in case of GoDaddy, and it works fine for me. Change the time limit according to your experience.

Also update the key_dir vairable in the file to include your last domain name as explained above. So in the above case, key_dir variable will be -


Now, while you are in the root of the directory, execute the following command -


If everything works as expected, then you will see following message -

Congratulations! Your certificate and chain have been saved at:

The script will automatically update your https certificate on the GitLab pages also. Your website will reflect the changes in some time.




This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


This script by Pallav Agarwal was the initial inspiration for this work. You can observe a lot of similarities in both the codes. Basically, I have just modified his code to work with GoDaddy API.

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