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##PostPushr Web Migrated from yasyf/PostPushr

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While 10+ email accounts and thousands of messages a day may be great, there's still something wonderfully refreshing about getting an envelope in the mail, addressed to you. But of course, email is just so damn convenient. How do we find a balance? Enter: PostPushr.


PostPushr combines physical delivery with the speed and universality of the cloud. Bid farewell to fumbling through cluttered drawers for stamps and those oh-so-obnoxious trips down to the post office. With PostPushr, all you have to do is pop open up your email, type out your message, and hit send. Instant confirmation of your now-mailed letter will leave you ever so satisfied. Standing on the shoulders of giants, PostPushr works with Lob, Sendgrid, Stripe, Google, MongoDB, and Namecheap to provide you with the highest level of service.


Picture this: you're attending MHacks and left your significant other back at home. How romantic it would be to send him or her a love letter from amidst the chaos of sleep deprivation and junk food. Alas, it's freezing outside, and no one really knows where the post office is. PostPushr to the rescue!

If that prospect left you in awe, you'll love the second part of this project. With our mobile Android app, you can have your selfie preparing to be shipped half way around the world before you even have time to reconsider that duck face. Your friends no longer have to feel guilty about screenshotting your beautiful face, they can just frame the postcard you send them. Not to mention all the "wish they were here!" greetings you can send your folks back home as you drown in StackOverflow and snack overflows.


  1. Visit and register for an account.
  2. Send an email to, with spaces substituted for underscores.
  3. Use a valid address as the subject.
  4. Type out your message as the body of the email.
  5. Hit send, and take a minute to realize how much you enjoyed usiing PostPushr today.


PostPushr combines physical delivery with the speed and universality of the cloud. An MHacks III production.



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