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#Fetching with SVN (for those who want to build the code) In a build directory 'BUILDIR'

Building the current NeuroCorr R extension for Unix-like systems (Linux/MacOsX/BSD...)

  • go to 'neurocorr'
  • execute "make update" to fetch and build the extra code
  • got to 'neurocorr/v4'
  • execute "make" : copy the '' and 'neurocorr.R' into your working directory.

Getting the code for Windows and the 32 bits version of R

  • download 'neurocorr/i386/neurocorr.dll' and 'neurocorr/v4/neurocorr.R' into your working directory

#Running the code from the R command line

  • 'neurocorr.R' and ('' or 'neurocorr.dll') MUST be in the working directory. In R,execute source("neurocorr.R") to use the functions.

#Running the code from a R graphical interface

  • Using 'R-app' in MacOsX, you need to change the working directory before sourcing the code.
  • Using 'Rgui' (32-bits) in Windows: you need to open a command terminal ('cmd.exe'), go to your working directory, and call Rgui with the its full path, a.k.a somehting like "C:\Program Files\R\R-3.2.2\bin\i386\Rgui.exe"
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