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Thematizer is open source collaboration software for graphic designers and web developers. The Thematizer gives students and young people the ability to easily and quickly build true custom websites, without any requirement to buy expensive software. It builds a bridge between disciplines and helps visual thinkers understand the world of code.


The original design specification for the Thematizer was created in August 2011, as a joint project of Yes Exactly Web Design and Amherst College undergraduate Lexie Gaines-Smith. A rough Thematizer alpha version was completed in March 2013.

Pending successful funding of our crowdfunding campaign, we plan to have a full-featured open-source product available for general release by Fall 2014.

We are currently seeking designers, testers, and web developers. For more information, go to for details on how to get involved in our project.


This initial repository is a web-based prototype to show intended functionality and design.

Uses Foundation 5 as JavaScript & CSS framework.

Thematizer software to run on LAMP server stack with Ruby on Rails and SASS (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets).