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jQuery JSONView

Formats & syntax highlights JSON.

Port of Ben Hollis's JSONView extension for Firefox:

Live demo



var json = {"hey": "guy","anumber": 243,"anobject": {"whoa": "nuts","anarray": [1,2,"thr<h1>ee"], "more":"stuff"},"awesome": true,"bogus": false,"meaning": null, "japanese":"明日がある。", "link": "", "notLink": " is great"};

$(function() {
  // with options
  $("#json-collasped").JSONView(json, { collapsed: true });


jQuery JSONView can be configured using the following options.

  • collapsed - Collapse all nodes when rendering first time, default is false.
  • nl2br - Convert new line to <br> in String, default is false.
  • recursive_collapser - Collapse nodes recursively, default is false.
  • escape - Escape HTML in key, default is true.
  • strict - In strict mode, invalid JSON value type will throw a error, default is false.


jQuery JSONView provide following methods to allow you control JSON nodes, all methods below accept a level argument to perform action on the specify node.

  • jQuery#JSONView('collapse', [level]) - Collapse nodes.
  • jQuery#JSONView('expand', [level]) - Expand nodes.
  • jQuery#JSONView('toggle', [level]) - Toggle nodes.