cross-platform multi-network p2p daemon
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ygrek build: link nums only when BT is enabled (ref #27)
to simplify building with OCaml 4.06
Latest commit faac682 Apr 16, 2018
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build - Apr 14, 2003
config build: link nums only when BT is enabled (ref #27) Apr 16, 2018
distrib update changelog Jan 23, 2017
docs split changelog again Jul 1, 2012
icons GTK2 GUI: fix wrong url on splash screen Mar 2, 2014
patches patch #7495 Mar 28, 2011
src another fixes for 4.03 Jan 23, 2017
tools fix some "deprecated" warnings Jan 23, 2017
.cvsignore patch #5202 Jun 27, 2006
configure patch #7357 Oct 24, 2010