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Print PDF files in Windows OS by node.js.
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Node.js PDF Printer

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Print PDF files in Windows OS by node.js. (supports Node, Electron. Only node.js without c++)

If you use it in electron, check out:


npm i node-pdf-printer
import NodePdfPrinter from 'node-pdf-printer'

NodePdfPrinter.listPrinter() // List all printer name.

const array = ['C:\\abc\\a.pdf', 'D:\\abd\\b.pdf']

NodePdfPrinter.printFiles(array) // Printer files to the default Windows printer.

NodePdfPrinter.printFiles(array, printerName) // Printer files to the specific printer by the printer name.

Duplex printing

PDF-XChange Viewer cannot save a duplex-printing option as the default. To print in duplex mode, modify the settings of your Windows printer (in the Windows Control Panel or Settings app) to enable duplex printing, or create a duplicate copy of your Windows printer, set it to print in duplex by default, and specify that printer when running PDFtoPrinter.exe. Search the web if you don't know how to create a duplicate copy of your Windows printer or if you don't know how to specify duplex printing in your Windows printer properties.



Thanks krdheeraj51 and qwqVictor, Columbia University.

Legal Infomations

  • PDFtoPrinter.exe's all right reserved by Edward Mendelson in Columbia University.
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