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What is YiiExt?

This project was created as an alternative to zii, official extensions repository. All stable extensions here are compatible with latest release version of Yii. Stable Extensions


Web shell — a web shell that allows to run yiic commands and create your own commands. 

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Model behaviours

Taggable — provides many useful methods and named scopes to work with model tags.
Status — provides methods and named scopes to work with model statuses.
Ensure null — forces NULL to be used instead of empty varchar.
Nested set — AR models behavior that allows to work with nested sets tree.
Trash bin — AR models behavior that allows to mark models as deleted and then restore them.
EAV — implements entity-attribute-value pattern. 

zii extensions

Image column — allows to render images inside zii CGridView. 


uplodify — allows to use jQuery uploadify plugin as a widget.
markItUp — allows to use markItUp as a widget.
Iconized menu — menu with favicons for each item.
SimpleModal? — wrapper around SimpleModal jQuery plugin.
imperaviRedactor — wrapper around imperavi WYSIWYG.
fancybox — wrapper around fancybox.
blueprint — a way to inject blueprint CSS framework into the page. 

Other extensions

Shopping cart — allows to put models into shopping cart and do various operations with it.
Zend autoloader — fast autoloader for Zend Framework classes.
Improved error handler — a bit nicer error handler for Yii.
Set return URL — extends default Yii returnUrl functionality.
forgerySession — automatically loads session specified via PHP_SESSION_ID.
activeFormValidation — automated validation filter for CActiveForm.
translit — transliterates model field.
form — automated form generator.
getUrl — helps getting resource URLs.
fileUpload — action for file uploads handling.
migrate - Extended Database Migration that adds modules support. 

Check Downloads for stable extensions with nice HTML documentations in English and Russian.