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Vendors: phlymail's Net_IDNA was replaced by PEAR Net_IDNA2. #2183

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The essence of the proposal:

There are four ways of encoding and decoding IDNs:

  1. idn_to_ascii, idn_to_unicode and idn_to_utf8 ( These functions are available since and bundled with PHP 5.3, so this is the best option for Yii2.

  2. — obsolete and not maintained anymore PEAR library. It must not be used at all.

  3. — normal and maintained PEAR library. Best choice for PHP < 5.3 code. According to it's SVN ( it was updated 14 months ago (January, 2012).

  4. — third party fork of the Net_IDNA (which was deprecated). According to it's website ( it was released at 2011-03-11.

We've discussed with @DaSourcerer which option is the best for Yii 1.1.* and came to opinion that it's better to switch to Net_IDNA2 since it's better maintained and unit tested.

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Thanks for updating it.

@DaSourcerer DaSourcerer referenced this pull request in yiisoft/yii2

Use pecl::intl for IDN processing #27

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@DaSourcerer DaSourcerer Address the changes in #2183 c6a1568
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