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Week 4 2019 Fall

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  • Coding:
    • Build an interactive browser experiment on image/speech/pose data with Teachable Machine 2.0
    • Publish your project on GitHub or your own blog, or record a video and put it on your blog. Add your project link below.

See demos live

Inspirations about teachable machine:


  • Coding session finial code, videos
  • How to run a server: python -m SimpleHTTPServer, see Readme.
  • add your question here

Add your name / link to your assignment below

  • Your name, [Project name](Project Link), Project Description
  • Andrew Lee, head gesture detection, demo, repo
  • Rebecca Zhou, Eating garbage bin, demo, Control the bin open/close with your voice.
  • Hayk Mikayelyan, Toast Detector, Using Teachable Machine trained model with ml5 and Arduino detect a Cup and toggle LED light.
  • Cameron Partee, [Ready, Set, Go] demo
  • Ge Chang, sound pitch detection, Pipa play pipa and feel the wave you are playing
  • Vibert Thio, whack-a-mole with Top Players, competition mode.
  • Alvaro Lacouture, Human chasing Camera using Arduino and Posenet video / repo.
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