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Week 3 2019 Fall

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See demos live

Inspirations about Poses:


  • Coding tip: 1) break a big problem into small steps and solve it one by one, 2) google
  • add your question here

Add your name / link to your assignment below

  • Your name, [Project name](Project Link), Project Description
  • Andrew Lee, demo, repo, TickTock: detect head shake/twist
  • Vibert Thio, demo, repo, 🔨whack a mole with your nose. FUN!!
  • Rebecca Zhou, Explore in the foggy forest, Disperse fogs on the way to nighty forest with your right wrist. Might be a new way to tell stories in VR scenario.
  • Hayk Mikayelyan, Your Favorite RayBan, RayBan sunglasses Virtual Try-On using PosNet and p5.js
  • Jacky Chen, In Anxiety We Trust , PosNet and Particle systems
  • Cameron Partee, demo , Play music with only your nose
  • Atharva Patil Minion Fun, Listen to cute minion sounds on moving your head
  • Abi Muñoz, demo, Drawing with PoseNet
  • Cara Neel demo, Walkthrough of Every Place I've Lived, in Days
  • Ge Chang, demo, Eat in Cloud PoseNet

  • Ashley Lewis, demo, Nose Speed

  • Alvaro Lacouture demo NYC Parallax Train, move your head to look outside the window of the subway.

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