Code for our RSS/IJRR Paper : Robust Loop Closing over Time
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UPDATE (17/02/2014) : Complete code rewrite to allow extending to various SLAM back-ends
UPDATE : Added timestamps in datasets/B25b/timestamps because of different number of poses in Odometry and Ground Truth g2o files

This project contains the accompanying code for our RSS 2012 paper Robust Loop Closing over time



  • g2o:

    Clone from or
    and install following the instructions provided there in.

  • install boost maths ( On ubuntu : sudo apt-get install libboost-math1.42-dev)

  • in the directory rrr/
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..

    This will generate examples in the folder rrr/build/examples/

Running the examples

The example folder contains two executables.

  • RRR_2D_optimizer_g2o : needs a 2D SLAM g2o file as input and generates rrr-solved.g2o as output.
  • RRR_3D_from_disk_g2o : needs a 3D SLAM g2o file as input

The code has been restructured into more organized blocks. The main class of interest is include/RRR.hpp. Further information on how to use this in your on project can be found in doc/

Kindly drop me an email at ylatif AT unizar DOT es in case something is not working.

Citing this work

If you use this work, please cite our corresponding paper :

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