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GBouffard Topnav Logo Behaviour (#188)
* Move logo StyledLink from index to Logo.js

* Always display the YLD logo that redirects to the homepage within TopNav

* Replace the LogoEngComponents with simple Gatsby links

* Add a StyledServiceLink with basic styling

* Display a StyledServiceLink to parent service on a speciality page

* Capitalize the specialityService

* Render a service Title instead of a clickable link on service pages

* Display StyledServiceTitle on every service page

* display svg logo within speciality pages

* remove unneeded

* Add yld service logo and render different logos depending on page types

* Add SpecialityLogo react component

* use the same component ServiceSpecialityLogo for both services and specialities

* Pass isServicePage prop to ServiceSpecialityLogo

* Pass backgroundColor and  textColor props to ServiceSpecialityLogo in order to make it customisable at will

* Separate the Logo from the Title with a Title component

* Rename Logo & Title to TopNavLogo & TopNavTitle

* Use only one link (StyledServiceLink) for service and speciality pages

* Use same const service to redirect to and display service link

* Remove legacy code from TopNavTitle

* handle hover state on svg using onMouseEnter & onMouseLeave

* Rename components to YldLogoLink and ServiceLink to make them independant of TopNav component

* Update StyledServiceLink and link names

* Remove unneeded in SVGs

* Remove unneeded in yldsvg_dark svg

* Remove reference to logoColour that is not used anymore

* Add hover style for StyledServiceLink

* Move Logo and Service Links into the TopNav folder and component in order to style and align with TopNavList

* Add StyledLinksContainer to properly align both links

* Add responsive design to ServiceLink

* Add StyledSVG in ServiceSpecialityLogo to handle media queries

* Move specialitiesMap, servicesList and servicesRegExp into a helper file

* Give default values to path for LogoLink and ServiceLink and update storyshots

* Add onMouseEnter and onMouseLeave directly on svg markup

* Set LogoLink dimensions on Gatbsy Link and have the ServiceSpecialityLogo takes the width and height of its parent

* Update snapshots

* Make ServiceSpecialityLogoLink use the Gatsby link and style

* Remove unneeded

* Move onMouseEnter and onMouseLeave logic to LogoLink component

* Use React hooks on LogoLink instead of having a class component

* Refactor LogoLink and ServiceSpecialityLogoLink

* Rename ServiceSpecialityLogoLink to ServiceSpecialityLogo

* Move all the colors in servicesColor
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YLD Website



How to run

  git clone

In order to access data from contentful make sure that you have an .env file that matches the contentful keys and tokens:

CONTENTFUL_TOKEN=(see in contentful/settings/API keys)
CONTENTFUL_SPACE=(see in contentful/settings/API keys)
MEETUP_KEY=(see in contentful/settings/API keys)

You can now run:

  yarn develop

We have some docs to make it easier to get you started:

Tech used

Tests stack

Content in


The website is built and deployed on Netlify to our production environment ( when:

  • a new commit is pushed to our production (master) branch, read more here;
  • the Contentful data is updated (via webhook).

Also, for each Pull Request that's open, a Deploy Preview is created, allowing for that branch to be tested and shared amongst stakeholders.

Content Model notes

This section serves as a information repository for some of our content models, stating what they represent and explaining some of their fields, if needed.


This content type describe YLD's specialities (Design and engineering methodologies, technologies, models, patterns, etc). These specialities may or may not have their own page and that's decided based on the content.

  • generate: a boolean value that indicates wether a page should be generate for the current speciality;
  • Blogpost tags: comma-separated list of tags that should be considered when displaying the latest blog posts for the current speciality. By default, the speciality title is already added as a tag, so this fields are added to that base filtering.

Browser support

Browsers people are using to access our website, based on google analytics:

  • 70% chrome
  • 23% safari
  • 3.5% firefox
  • 0.15% IE

We current support:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

We're working towards supporting IE11 & introducing graceful fallbacks for earlier versions (for where this sits in our priorities, see trello).



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